The National Club Golfer magazine reviews Blade Quattro

The National Club Golfer magazine reviews Blade Quattro

The BIG MAX Blade Quattro has already got the golf season off to a flying start and is also being scrutinized by the media. The magazine "The National Club Golfer" from England recently published a review of the Blade Quattro: The National Club Golfer article

 Big Max are market leaders in push trolleys. Their products are very popular in Europe and it's not hard to see why. What immediately appealed to me about the Blade Quattro was that it took the best bits from other previous products and packed them into a trolley. The unique and innovative folding mechanism is taken from the Autofold and the really small folding size comes from the predecessor Blade and additional stability is achieved by the 4 wheels. 

This test shows in a particularly impressive way which special properties make up the Blade Quattro

"This is hands down the best push trolley we've ever tested. On-court performance is superb, but it's the quick and easy folding technique into a compact size that gives the Blade Quattro the biggest advantage over the competition. You can store it behind the car seat, on the car compartment bridge, in the back seat, or on your golf bag with no hassle.” 

Click here for the BIG MAX Blade Quattro

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