From the life of the Autofold FF

From the life of the Autofold FF

What's an excellent push trolley supposed to do when the next generation is just as good? Give up and rust? Of course not, he just remembers what he's already accomplished and keeps on the perfect track. In 2016, Golf Digest voted the Autofold FF Best Push Trolley, pioneering the next generation of trolleys. Blade Quattro also received the coveted Golf Digest Award in 2017.

The start of the holidays is the ideal time to review the coverage of the Autofold FF

For example, the Independent Golf Reviews writes about the Autofold FF :

“As a driver of a MINI Cooper, it was always important to me how a trolley folds. The BIG MAX Autofold FF folds flatter than other trolleys, which is a particular advantage for a small trunk. When I fold it flat, the Autofold FF fits nicely in the trunk, right under my golf bag. If you remove the wheels, it fits into even smaller storage spaces. Of course I need them, but the flexibility to store them elsewhere opens up a lot of possibilities.” mentions the wheels, comfortable grip, golf bag placement options and other features of the Autofold FF :

“The frame of the construction is extremely solid and stable. BIG MAX produces a lot of push carts for the rental trolley pool at many golf courses and they have to endure a lot. This knowledge and experience is also transferred to the BMAF (BIG MAX Autofold FF). Nevertheless, the trolley is light and easy to lift into the trunk. When the trolley is folded, the two rear wheels can be easily removed.”

“The grip is large and solid with comfortable padding. This makes it easy to guide the trolley and makes it easier to steer."

“The golf bag attaches to the trolley with easy-to-use elastic straps and sturdy hooks. This type of fixation is a good solution as it also fits around large tour bags.”

“The pouch (in the organizer panel note) is very large. I bet it fits 3-4 dozen golf balls. I had room for my GPS, phone, camera, sunglasses, cigars, cutter, tees, glove and small children.” 

A push trolley can be proud of such a good performance.
Click here for the BIG MAX Autofold FF.

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