AQUA Sport 360

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Color: off white-navy-red

The new, 100% waterproof AQUA Sport 360 offers you extra clear storage space with a 360° viewing angle. It has storage compartments arranged on all sides of the bag. It also has an XL garment pocket on the back. This makes the colorful, sporty bag a real space saver!

360 degrees of storage space

The AQUA Sport 360 has pockets all around the golf bag. With the additional storage space, shoes or extra rain gear can be stowed away.

14-way organizer top with separate XL putter compartment

The 14-way organizer top allows you to arrange your clubs for ease of use and take advantage of the oversize putter compartment. This prevents the clubs from knocking against each other and creating an unpleasant noise on the fairways.

Completely waterproof

The i-dry system from BIG MAX guarantees 100% waterproof material as well as seams and zip fasteners. So rounds of golf in the rain are no longer a problem, the bag stays dry and your golf equipment is protected from moisture and rain.

Integrated cool bag

Thanks to the integrated cooler bag, you can keep your drinks and snacks cool and the bag dry. The insulated bag is spacious and offers space for up to two drinking bottles.

AQUA Sport 360

Product specification


2.4 kg

  • 100% Waterproof

14 - Fach

Number of Pockets


Top Size

9.5 in

Additional Features
  • Regenhaube
  • Gepolsterter Schultergurt
  • XL Putter Fach